Focus Only On The Solution, Not The Problem

I’ve just been to a sermon delivered by Colin Chambers, who was Nelson Mandela’s Chaplin for eight years when he was imprisoned on Robben Island.

His sermon was excellent and one thing he said was that when people are presented with a solution they always say: “Yes, but the problem is ….”.

What happens as a result is that they no longer see the solution because it is clouded by the problem.

He did this exercise.

He asked the congregation to place their focus on something in front of them.

Then he told them to raise one hand at put it in front of their face.

The point of the exercise was that they could no longer see what they were initially focussing on.

They could only see their own hand.

The ‘solution’ was obscured by their own doing.

How many times when presented with a solution do you hear people say: “Yes, but the problem is …..”

This is why some therapeutic interventions don’t work.

This is why businesses struggle.

This is why relationships fail.

This is why there is so much stress, increasing mental health issues, high levels of sickness and ill health.

This is why people are broke – not just financially, but spiritually, emotionally and in their relationships with others.

Whatever you decide to do with your life it needs to be solution focussed and not problem focussed.

This one shift in perspective is the difference between happy and successful people and those who are miserable and broke.

This is why NFPS Ltd’s training has helped so many people become successful.

We don’t just train people and qualify them.

We help them become the best version of themselves that they can be.

We help change people’s lives.

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