Why You Must Do Your Own Due Diligence Before You Invest in Anything (Video)

“In the mountains of Vietnam, there are caves where many thousands of birds make their nests.

In the early morning, the birds fly out to look for food to bring back for their young.

Sometimes the mouth of the cave is obscured by a passing cloud and the birds cannot find their way home.

Only when the bright light of the sun melts away the clouds can the birds see clearly the entrance to the cave and come home.

In our lives there are things that block our way, causing confusion and preventing us from finding our true home.

Not only obstacles and suffering cause us to lose our way; sometimes the most profound teaching can mislead us if we do not understand them correctly.”

Thich Nhat Hahn, Zen Buddhist Master

Yesterday I put a post up about Colin Chambers, who was Nelson Mandela’s Chaplin for eight years when he was imprisoned on Robben Island.

His message was excellent and one thing he said was that when people are presented with a solution they always say: “Yes, but the problem is ….” and you can read that blog post here – https://nfps.info/focus-only-on-the-solution-not-the-problem/

In the blog post I wrote about the exercise Colin Chambers made the congregation do.

He asked the congregation to place their focus on something in front of them.

Then he told them to raise one hand at put it in front of their face.

The point of the exercise was that they could no longer see what they were initially focussing on.

They could only see their own hand.

The ‘solution’ was obscured by their own doing.

In Thich Nhat Hahn’s book he goes on to write that: “Sometimes the most profound teachings can mislead us if we do not understand them correctly.”

This, he states, is because some teachers don’t understand the teaching themselves.

So, just as a passing cloud can obscure the entrance to the cave or a hand in front of your face can obscure what you need to focus on, some people and organisations can mislead you by obscuring from you what the truth really is.

This is true in every industry sector too.

Some people who give out incorrect information, thereby obscuring the truth or the solution, may simply be misinformed and/or do not fully understand the trust.

Others however, may be motivated on a more self-interested level, which may be purely motivated by wanting to seem important or by generating more work and money as a way of clawing back their return on investment into some scheme or other (that they only paid for as a means of generating more work and money for themselves).

So, what’s the purpose of this post.

It’s simple.

Do your due diligence before you invest your time and money in someone’s training or services.

Don’t let any ‘certification’ or ‘accreditation’ obscure your sight from the solution to your problem or the truth that you are looking for.

Don’t become one of the; “Yes, but the problem is …..” people.

Don’t let others obscure your view of the solution you are looking for at the expense of their own self-interest.

Don’t let others intentionally ‘block your way and cause you confusion’, thus preventing you from getting what you really need at the cost of only giving you what they want you to have, because one day the ‘truth’ will come home to haunt you.

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