Follow Your Passion

I believe that everyone should have their own business. There are no ‘jobs for life’ anymore, and the only true way to be in full control of your destiny and your future is to have your own business.

But the key to having your own business is to do something you love. Something you have a passion for, and not just do it to make money.

Whatever you choose to do, start a business, but start it with something that lights a fire inside of you, something that makes your heart sing, something that makes you want to learn more and more about what you do each and every day.

The only true secure job for life is one that you create for yourself, so don’t hesitate. Do it now. Just do it. Ignore the naysayers and those who will be quick to critizise you, yet will have never have had the courage to do what you are doing.

Don’t take advice or counsel from people whose only agenda is to keep you where you are now. Be bold, be brave, be courageous.

Money is only a tool to allow you to achieve freedom. Use it, don’t store it. Go for it.

As ‘Nike’ say – just do it.