If You Fail This Course You Won’t Have a Job Tomorrow

“If You Fail This Course You Won’t Have a Job Tomorrow.”

I have been in this industry now for many years and have heard many things, but sometimes I am still taken aback by what I get told and following are a couple of examples of what I was told only this week.

One trainer on a course with us told us how a course tutor allegedly tells delegates on their courses that:

“If you fail this course, you won’t have a job tomorrow”.

Another trainer, on the same course also told me that on one course that they were on, one person arriving for training had to take valium before the start of the training course due to the anxiety they were suffering as a result of how they had been treated on a previous course by the course tutor.

The common thread with this is that I was told that the course tutors were regularly picking up and highlighting what the delegate was doing wrong and exacerbating that by saying things like:

“If you continue to do it wrong it is highly probable that you will fail the course”. 

Now imagine being someone who has travelled alone to attend the course, doesn’t know anyone on the course, is spending their evenings alone in a hotel room and is away from their family. That in and of itself is enough to affect their emotional state.

Then add to that the negative feedback from a course tutor, in front of other delegates, and you end up with someone whose self-confidence and/or self esteem is being lowered, which will  result in them more likely to perform at a much lower level.

But Why Do Some Trainers Behave Like This? 

One reason may be that the trainer themselves has low self-confidence and self-esteem (a lack of self-worth) so they overcompensate for that by feeling the need to over-exert their authority by controlling others by force, intimidation or threats.

Another reason may be because the trainer has a ‘God Complex and you can read more about that here – https://nfps.info/dont-subscribe-to-the-god-complex/ 

Target Fixation

The problem is that such coercive behaviour on behalf of a trainer is counter productive because the delegate is likely to become more focussed on the worry of doing something wrong or fear of being ‘failed’ by the course tutor so they become so focused on what they are doing wrong that they inadvertently increase their risk of getting it wrong again (commonly known in driving circles as ‘target fixation’).

But at least then the trainer can say that they failed the learner because they couldn’t do the technique properly, which, when you think about it, is perverse considering that it was the trainer who has created the problem.

People Perform Better In An Atmosphere of Cooperation and Trust

The fact is people perform better in an atmosphere of cooperation and trust. 

And this is why I am so proud of our training team. 

Our team are gentle, have a great sense of humour, make everyone feel welcome and are self-deprecating and they are like this because they understand the motivations and fears of those who they teach. 

Only last week many people who attended our course came up to me to praise the way the course had been run by the training team. They were all very impressed by the polite and courteous manner in which they were treated by the team. 

You Are Welcome To Mapp Over And Train With Us

So if you have had a bad experience and are dreading going back for your refresher course then please, before you stress yourself out and resort to taking valium to calm your nerves, please feel free to get in touch with me and we’ll discuss getting you on one of our Physical Intervention Trainer Refresher Courses, where I can guarantee you that you will not only be treated with the respect and courtesy you deserve, but you’ll have a great experience, meet a lot of lovely people and have a fun time too.You can contact me in total discretion here – https://nfps.info/contact-nfps/