Injured Doorman Could Be Homeless By Christmas

Injured Doorman Could Be Homeless By Christmas

I’ve just received the following message on Facebook, with the permission to share it with you all.

It comes on the back of two videos I did earlier on in November this year, which you can see on our blog site and are:

1: Is a Door Supervisor Covered By Their Company Insurance if They Go To Assist Someone in The Street [Video], and

2: Is A Door Supervisor Covered if They Are Assaulted By A Member of The Public Whilst At Work [Video].

The message is as follows:

“Hi again Mark,

Sorry I haven’t replied sooner, while working in the club a couple of weeks ago I got attacked and now have two fractures to my skull and a bleed on the brain and I’ve been in intensive care for a while.

Anyway, will be very interesting to see how this pans out.

Because of my head injury I’ve even had my driving license taken away (which I understand) so not able to work in any way which has put a lot of pressure on my girlfriend paying all the bills on her own.

She is very worried that we will be homeless for Xmas.

I have no problem with going to my doorman job and picking up some injuries along the way.

I’m sure just about every doorman has got hurt at some point.

It’s the after part that I find annoying. Absolutely no after care whatsoever. No contact with any of my employers, no plan, no support or updates from police.

I’ve even got to attend a course to teach me how to get back into work again and also teach me how to talk properly again.

I just feel that this part of the industry needs to change, other than this sort of thing it can be a great environment to work in.

Sorry to go on Mark and I’m certainly not looking for any sympathy!!

Just thought it would be good telling you this just as a follow on to our previous conversation.

I just feel that for anyone starting out in door work or security it should be fully explained on day one that you are not covered in anyway if you get hurt, or that simply needs to change or big security companies could offer or work with some insurance companies to give you some good options to get yourself covered.

I also think this sort of thing will eventually have a very negative effect within the industry as in door staff refusing to get involved in incidents through fear of getting hurt.

If you want to use this as another video then please do, if it helps someone out then it’s got to be a good thing

When I’m up and about again I will get back to you properly, again thanks for your time and help Mark.

Speak to you soon


So, for all of you door supervisors working in the night time economy to keep the public safe, make sure that you are safe too.

Check your insurance to find out what you are covered for, and, more importantly, what you are not covered for.

Please feel free to comment and share this video as that is the request of the person who sent it to me in the hope that it would help someone else.

Have a good Christmas and New Year and stay safe.

Mark Dawes