Making My Day Friday 17th February 2017 [Video]

Hi guys, Mark Dawes here. You’ve probably figured out I’m in the car; I spend a lot of time in the car so I thought, “Well hell, we’ll shoot a video while we’re in the car.”

The reason I’m shooting this video is I wanted to share something with you. Because if you’ve ever had one of those days where someone’s phoned you or you’ve met them or you’ve spoken to someone and they’ve made your day … Well, I’ve just had one of those days and I want to share it with you.

I also think the story will inspire you as well because this guy who phoned me today told me that three years ago he came and trained with me on the BTEC Level 3 Advanced Self Defence Instructor Award Course.

He said that when he came on the course he couldn’t even afford the train fare; he had to borrow the money for the train fare. He did the course anyway because he wanted a better quality of life for himself and his family particularly his children, who he said he couldn’t afford to feed properly at the time.

Three years on from that course, he’s now driving a brand new Mercedes, he’s got the quality of life that he wanted for his family, he can feed his children properly, and he’s a happy, happy guy. He’s helping lots of other people too. He’s doing phenomenal work.

I asked him what it was and why he was thanking me, particularly, because obviously he’s gone and done whatever he’s done to actually create the business he’s got.

He said that if he hadn’t have come on that course he wouldn’t have got the inspiration to go away and implement what he was being told. He said to me, “Sometimes you pick one or two things up on a course,” he said, “and they change your life.” That’s what he picked up from us. I’m not saying this to boast; this isn’t a boast. This is to inspire you to do something.

You see, the reason most businesses fail is because of two things. One is lack of information and the second one is lack of implementation, which means they’ve got the information but they don’t implement it.

I can tell you now categorically that out of a hundred people, four people will go ahead and implement what they learn and they’re the ones that become successful. That’s what this guy did.

He said the self-defence course was great, he got some really good information out of there. He said the legal stuff was phenomenal. It helped him separate himself from the rest of the community in what he was doing and give him some unique selling points. He also said that the marketing information we gave him was second to none.

It allowed him to go back and look at the way in which he was promoting his business.

As a result of that, he’s gone on to do exceptional things. He’s running courses for lone workers, he’s working with people who’ve suffered domestic abuse, he’s working with children.

He’s got contracts coming in from local authorities and companies and businesses who are now approaching him to actually go and deliver training for them. He’s driving a brand new Mercedes, he can feed his kids.

Like I’ve said already he’s got the quality of life that he’s always wanted for his family.

That’s the key thing. It took me back, the conversation took me back to why I started doing what I was doing. I think this is the same for all of us that are in this industry.

We all want to help people; genuinely want to help people.

It’s nice that we’ve managed to help someone who’s gone on to help other people.

This is the thing I want you to bear in mind, is sometimes it’s the little things that can make the biggest difference.

Sometimes it’s actually taking that calculated risk. It’s actually looking at what it is that you need to do and just doing it.

Here’s the moral of the story; all of you watching this video know stuff. Many of you know a lot of stuff. Quite a few of you know more than the rest of us. But are you implementing what you know?

That’s the key thing. Having knowledge and just keeping it there is like having a book on a bookshelf that you need dusting every now and again.

Implementing that knowledge is the difference between being successful and not being successful.

If you’re joining us in April on the Self Defence Instructor’s Course, yes you’re going to get a National Vocational Qualification, you’re going to get a BTEC Level 3 Award. That will set you above most of the rest of the community.

The most important thing is the information that we give you on that course.

We genuinely want you to be successful. I am delighted when people ring me up and tell me how well they’re doing. I have to say it’s not down to us. We’re the vehicle that provides the service. It’s down to the people that take the information and implement that information in whatever it is they do.

We will be doing marketing while you are on the course with us, so you get the same information this gentleman had. If you take it away and implement it, why can’t you get the same results?

Maybe you will be driving around in a new Mercedes and giving your family the quality of life that they deserve.

Anyway, if you want to contact me my email details are probably below this video or go to our website and drop me a contact form. I’ll always be delighted to get in touch with you.

Check the website out; go and have a look at our BTEC Level 3 Advanced Self Defence Instructor Award Course. It is a great course. It’s a great course because the trainers on that course, not me, the trainers on that course share everything with you.

I’ll give you the marketing information, I’ll give you the support and backup. We give a lot of resources to you when you leave. You get loads and loads of resources when you leave. As you can see from the phone call, three years later he’s still in touch. You become part of the family.

Thanks for listening, guys. Speak to you soon.

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