NLP Training On Septembers Refreshers

NLP Training On Septembers Restraint & Handcuff Trainer Refreshers

Neuro Linguistic Programming began its life early in the 1970s when John Grinder teamed up with Richard Bandler.

Their aim was to model human excellence based on the behavioural patterns of selected geniuses.

They studied how these geniuses thought and communicated and NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, was founded.

As a trainer having the ability to communicate effectively, in a way that your learner can understand and process what you communicate, as well as having the ability to build instant rapport, is a fundamentally vital skill that will set you apart from other trainers who don’t know how to do that.

There is a law called ‘The Law of Requisite Variety’ , which states that: “The person, animal or machine with the widest range of responses will dominate the system when presented with a problem”.

What a lot of average trainers fail to understand is that each and every individual has different methods and models of communication, dependent upon how they process and filter information.

So, if you only have one way of communicating with everyone you teach, your method of communication is limited.

This is why some trainers fail at improving their learners ability.

In short, because they don’t present information in a way that the learner understands they fail to make their learners understand what to do.

Therefore, during these refreshers this year, I will take you through how you can use NLP to effectively communicate with your learners by understanding how each different individual person process and filters information.

This will ensure that you can relate to each learner within their own distinct frame of reference.

This is actually communicating to them in language that they understand.

Knowing how to do this is a powerful tool in your communication skills armoury, which will set you apart from the ‘average’ trainer.

I’m looking forward to teaching this on these refreshers to upskill you in these skills.