Personal Safety Awareness and Self Defence

What is The Difference Between Personal Safety Awareness Training Self-Defence Training?

I’ve received a few emails and calls over the last week on the same subject which is ‘What is The Difference Between Personal Safety Awareness Training Self-Defence Training?’ so I thought I’d share one email exchange with you in case you were wondering the same thing.

I hope it helps.

“Hi Mark

I see that you now have an Online NFPS Level 3 Personal Safety Awareness Trainer Course available here –

I’m really interested in this course and considering the recent abduction and murder of Sarah Everard and the murder of PCSO Julia James in Kent while she was out walking her dog I am interested now more than ever in doing more personal safety awareness training to compliment my self defence teaching.

Would you mind taking a few minutes to explain how the NFPS Level 3 Personal Safety Awareness Trainer Course differs to the BTEC Level 3 Self-Defence Instructor Award Course.

Thank you.

All the very best

[Name withheld]”

My reply

“Hi [Name withheld]

Nice to hear from you.

Yes, the murders of Sarah Everard and Julia James are sad to read which just highlights the extent of the risk that people face in today’s society.

For example, in the year to March 2020, 207 women were killed in Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales). This means about one in four killings were of women. In the previous year (2019) 241 women were killed, which was the highest number in a decade.

The thing that is truly sad is that these deaths also traumatise those who are left to deal with the loss of a loved one. Husbands who have lost a wife, kids now without a mum and others who have lost the love of their lives.

With regards to your question in relation to the difference between the two courses, the BTEC Level 3 Self-Defence Course is about teaching practical self-defence skills, whereas the Personal Safety Awareness Course is all about awareness and avoidance. Basically how to not get into a position where a person needs to actually use self-defence.

It’s based on what I have been teaching for almost thirty years to local authorities, large corporations and individuals.

There is also input in the course from Ginge Johnson who has been teaching personal safety to high profile clients and their security teams in literally every hostile environment in the world (even places where the police won’t go).

It is an ideal compliment to the Self-Defence Instructor Course as it would allow you to provide a more holistic and well-rounded approach to what you offer and each module of it can be taught separately as well as combined with other modules.

There is a module in it on Lone Working which I have also been delivering for many years too.

One thing it address is that it is ideal for people who want to stay safe but may not want to actually attend a self-defence class/classes so it increases your market sector too.

If you are interested in the course then please go to this page and express your interest by opting in so that you can receive more information about the course and also notification of when the next launch will be as well as the discounted price off that this course will be offered at (but only for those who opt in) –

I hope that helps and if you are interested in the second launch of this course (with a 50% discount on the RRP) then please feel free to opt-in on the webpage (link above).