Why You Have An Absolute Obligation To Offer Your Services [Video]

I recently saw a post on LinkedIn that a good friend of mine put up.

It was about and in that post my friend stated that a Coroner who has called for bar staff to receive restraint training after a man died when restrained by bar staff.

In the posting my good friend said “I will never try and profit from someone’s death – I want to assist and up-skill staff in preventing further deaths”.

Now my friend is not only a really good guy, he is also one of the most competent, knowledgeable and experienced trainers in the field of physical restraint.

After pondering on his comment for a while it made me realise that a major problem in our industry is that some people claim that they want to be the best they can be, but are only willing to invest in cheap training.

And I believe that this is because they either don’t believe in themselves or in their product or service and/or they don’t value their relationship with their customers or clients highly enough.

If you are good at what you do that needs to be reflected in the value you place on your product or the service you provide.

That way you can continually re-invest in your personal and professional development and in your products and services and have the capacity to go the extra mile for your clients and customers.

And if you are good at what you do it’s not about whether or not you should offer your services on the back of a terrible incident like a fatality.

I believe that you actually have an duty and an obligation to the people and the industry you serve to do so.

Otherwise, what has all of the investment in the time, the study and the expense been for? If you don’t then (in this example) the world will be a less safer place for it and people will continue to die because of a lack of good, competent training delivered by good, competent people.