Proposed NFPS Restraint Trainer & Self-Defence Trainer Membership Mastermind Groups

Hey everyone
I haven’t forgotten about the idea of setting up the membership programme and I have been looking through all of the feedback that we have received to find the best way of adding the maximum value to you all and I’d appreciate your feedback on this.
As you already know, I’ve been thinking about hosting a NFPS Membership Programme for NFPS Restraint & Self-Defence Trainers and the idea has come because recently I’ve had more and more people asking us if they could spread the costs of their refreshers over a longer period of time and also receive regular benefits in terms of additional training etc.
We see this as being a small intimate group who are interested in taking the benefits of belonging to the NFPS Family to a whole other level where we all grow closer to one another and develop partnerships with one another where we can all network and grow and if we get enough interest we intend to speak to industry specific sector partners to use the membership to get discounts for our members on things like medical reviews, equipment, and other benefits at discounted prices as well as discount of future courses, masterminds, workshops, seminars and conferences.
As part of these unique Mastermind groups we will also provide:
Monthly webinars where I intend to bring in leading industry experts to provide added value to the community.
Access to regularly updated online courses (law, health and safety, communication skills, positional asphyxia, etc.)
Access to documentation (draft example policies, risk assessments, workbooks, manuals,
Access to presentation resources (law, health and safety, communication skills, positional asphyxia, etc)
Help in how to best market your business
Discounted Course Fees
Help in how to create saleable products – e-books, video’s, audio mp3’s, online courses, etc.
To start with, the idea is to roll the cost of your annual refresher as well as the cost of being a licensed centre into a recurring monthly subscription with the option to pay annually if you wish to.
And, just for clarification and in line with the feedback from the survey, we will set up seperate groups, one for NFPS Trained Restraint Trainers and one for NFPS Trained Self-Defence Trainers.
We will also set up an ‘Associate Membership’ too, for anyone who is a trainer in both disciplines but who has not trained with us.
Both groups will have their own separate Facebook Group Pages where you can meet each other, network, gains support and receive regular updates.
And I’d like to invite you to join me as a founding member and what that means is that if this sounds interesting to you not only will you have the absolute lowest possible price but you will be grandfathered in at that price for as long as you remain a member in good standing.
Now this isn’t something that’s been created yet, I’m still thinking about it, but if there is enough interest in it then we will move forward.
If interested please complete this short survey –
Then we can follow up in private.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Best Regards
Mark Dawes