Should We Be Resuming Physical Restraint /Intervention/PMVA Training During Covid 19?

Should We Be Resuming Physical Restraint /Intervention/PMVA Training During Covid 19?
This is a very interesting discussion thread that I started on LinkedIn regarding people’s views on resuming PI training.
A lot of very experienced PI trainers (many at the top of their profession) and good people commented on this thread so it is an excellent resources for anyone thinking of whether or not they should resume PI training.
What I asked was …………..
Following the Government’s announcement about going back to work but “maintaining social distancing wherever possible”, combined with the risk that people can still get infected, especially those recently identified as being of ‘high risk’, I’m just doing a bit of research and I’d like to know if any trainers are:
1: Being instructed to resume any PI/Restraint/PMVA Training, and if yes,
2: How are you expected to do so whilst maintaining social distancing,
3: What ‘reasonably practicable’ control measures have been put in place and
4: Whether or not the training is underpinned by a suitable and sufficient assessment of risk justifying the balance for the need for training against the risk of spreading the virus further and creating a surge in new cases.
5: Anything else you think is relevant.
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