Should My Staff Be Expected To Restrain Someone Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs in a Benefits Office if They Become Violent [Video]

In this video Trevel Henry and I discuss some correspondence we’ve had from people we have subsequently helped and supported.

In one case this involved a person whose company provides security staff to local authority benefits offices and the questions was asked:

“Do you have anything official from the SIA or yourself that outlines How to deal with an Incident keeping Social Distancing? We work for the local council and I have staff in buildings where people attend for benefits etc. As I’m sure you are aware, they turn up under the influence of some form of substance and are not very cooperative. As a result, they have to be ejected from site.”

In another case someone works for a healthcare trust and has been told that pmva (restraint) training has to be delivered because it is classified as

“Business Essential”.

I hope you find this useful and as usual, we would welcome any comments below.

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