Workplace Challenges in Modern Society

Workplace violence encompasses a range of behaviours, including physical assaults, threats, and verbal abuse. Recent statistics reveal that a significant number of workers have been affected by workplace violence. According to recent data, approximately 600,000 workers in the UK alone reported being assaulted, threatened, or abused. This figure underscores the urgent need for effective workplace safety measures. In recent years, … Read more

Mind The Gap

When is someone too close? When you anticipate danger from what you can see, hear and/or feel from the other person. Increasingly personal safety has become a paramount concern. One of the fundamental principles in ensuring personal safety is maintaining a safe distance from potential threats. This approach not only allows individuals to assess situations more accurately but also provides … Read more

Poor Leadership, Dangerous Mindsets, A Toxic Culture & Ineffective ‘Standards’: Abuse At LIFE Wirral

The BBC Panorama broadcast ‘Undercover School: Cruelty in the classroom’, which aired on 17th June 2024, covering the physical and psychological abuse at the Life Wirral School, was highly emotive and made for difficult viewing. If you have not seen it, there is a link at the foot of this post. The International Coalition Against Restraint and Seclusion (ICARS) posted … Read more

It’s Your Story, So Get It Right

Intervening to take away someone’s freedom of movement is generally done for a greater good, to. To stop a situation from going wrong. Or, To prevent a situation from worsening Either way it’s important that you record and report the full picture around What happened before you had to (physically) intervene What was the other persons behaviour What happened after … Read more

Knowing Right from Wrong

Zero tolerance policies are designed to create a strong deterrent effect by ensuring that any violation, no matter how minor, is met with consistent and inflexible punishment. I understand that but the Health & Safety Executive’s definition of a reportable incident at work, whether within a building premises or working remotely outside away from the organisation’s main office area, is … Read more

Personal Entertainment v Personal Safety?

In an era where technology is intertwined with daily life, headphones and earphones have become daily accessories. 24+ per cent of people choose to wear headphones for a significant portion of their day. They provide an immersive experience for music, podcasts, and phone calls, serving as both entertainment and a buffer against the outside world. However, this convenience comes with … Read more

Diagnosis or Phenomenon…You Decide?

My first recollection of being knowingly introduced to this subject was around 2001 watching a video regarding the subject of Excited Delirium. Back then the heading of cocaine induced psychosis and the disproportionate superhuman strength it gave to people was one of the non-clinical terms used. This I felt had the unfortunate bias of implying if people displayed the behaviours … Read more

Clearing the Air

Among the concerns of using physical intervention, several long-standing misconceptions persist, contributing to dangerous misunderstandings and potentially lethal situations. One of the most prevalent misunderstandings is the belief that if someone can talk, they can breathe. This misconception has led to tragic outcomes, particularly in cases involving physical restraint, where individuals have died due to insufficient oxygen intake despite being … Read more

The Paradox of Restraint Reduction: Why Fighting Restraint Might Fuel Its Persistence

In the realm of organisational management, particularly in sectors dealing with vulnerable populations such as healthcare facilities, schools, and correctional institutions, the discourse around physical restraint has undergone significant evolution. Restraint reduction programmes have emerged as a seemingly noble initiative aimed at minimising the use of physical force in managing challenging behaviours. However, beneath the surface of good intentions lies … Read more

Red Card…Your Banned!

QMC recorded 1,800 incidents of aggression, violence and harassment during 2022-23. Notting University Hospital recorded 1,806 incidents. Staff have been hit, spat at, threatened, verbally and racially abused. What are some of the main triggers for the abuse of staff: Treating drunks Rival gangs People high on drugs People with mental health problems Homeless people, seeking a place of warmth … Read more