There Is No Such Thing As A Legal Self-Defence or Restraint Technique!

There Is No Such Thing As A Legal Self-Defence or Restraint Technique! Many trainers spend a lot of time teaching self-defence or restraint techniques and some even say that the techniques they teach are legal. In fact, many years ago I was actually approached by someone who wanted us to have our training ‘approved’ by them and the basis for … Read more

Another Video Interview With Trevel Henry on The Non Delegable Duty of Care and Vicarious Liability [Video]

This is the second interview that I have done with Trevel where we discuss the issues of the Non-Delegable Duty of Care, Vicarious Liability and how that applies to training providers who sub-contract training and to organisations who commission training from training providers (as well as loads of other stuff!).

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Compensation for Breach of Article 13 of The European Convention on Human Rights [Video]

In the case of RK and AK v the United Kingdom (38000/05) the European Court of Human Rights has awarded compensation to a couple from Oldham after it found that the UK had infringed their Article 13 rights after a child had been taken into care.

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You Don’t Need Training Because You Can Use Force Under Common Law [Video]

The heading of this video is called ‘You Don’t Need Training Because You Can Use Force Under Common Law’, because during my career in my chosen field, spanning almost thirty years, I have heard the same statement in virtually every industry sector.

However, this statement is not only misleading, it is also illegal, and that’s what I intend to explain in this blog post.

But to do that fully we first need to understand the difference between the Common Law and Statute Law.

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Falsifying Evidence – The Responses on LinkedIn [Video]

Falsifying Evidence – The Responses on LinkedIn

Thank you to all of you who responded to the video I put up yesterday entitled ‘Being Told To Falsify Evidence (Allegedly)’.

There are some great and very interesting responses which I would urge you to read under that video as they could have serious implications for anyone being told to falsify evidence and, of course, the person telling others to do so.

I have also spoken to Daniel Darwin who is running the Statement Writing Course on the 29th October to address this issue specifically and he is adding more information on this into the course at the end of the month, and if you are interested in attending then the cost is now only £150 + vat per person and you can find out more about the course here –

Thank you to all who responded to the last video and for the valuable comments you have added in the thread.


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