The Importance of Advertising and Marketing [Video]

Hi guys, Mark Dawes here once again. In this short video I want to talk to you about the importance of advertising and marketing.

Here’s a fact for you. Someone out there could have an inferior product to yours, yet if they’re doing better advertising and marketing than you, they’re gonna have more clients, more customers, and earn far more money than you every day of the week and twice on Sunday. That is a given, that’s a fact.

Now I’m telling you this because all of you out there, if you want to become a self-defence instructor or restraint instructor, whatever business you may be in, you will spend a lot of time getting qualified, you’ll have a wall full of certificates because you want to be the best you can be, and that is highly, highly commendable. But if you’re not spending any time on advertising your business, it’s like a blind man winking in the dark, no one else knows what you’re doing.

This is why we now put a lot of emphasis on our self-defence instructor’s course and our restraint instructor’s course in teaching you how to advertise and market your business. We give you lots of resources when you leave as well.

What prompted this video was I was actually watching a TV programme the other night, which actually raised this point, hence why I thought I’d do this video. Now below this video is a link and if you click on that link you can actually watch an extract from the programme that was on telly about this very point yourself, which I suggest you do.

But here’s the thing, like I said before, someone out there can have an inferior product, but with better marketing, they will beat you every day of the week.

When you train with us you get a top-quality product, and we teach you how to market your business so the investment you make in coming to train with us, the self-defence instructor or restraint instructor, can be recouped 10 times over as a return on investment because of the marketing information we give you. We spent tens of thousands of pounds learning how to market our business, and we’re giving you that for free. So there’s an incentive for you if you’re thinking about training with us.

Thanks ever so much for listening.