The Police Are Allegedly Threatening To Arrest if You Carry Handcuffs In Scotland [Video]

The Police in Scotland Have (Allegedly) Stated That They Will Arrest Door Staff If They See Them Carrying Handcuffs.

I was asked to give my opinion on this so he is my opinion in a video.

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2 thoughts on “The Police Are Allegedly Threatening To Arrest if You Carry Handcuffs In Scotland [Video]”

  1. Hi this has nothing to do with ur video just seen and I have not checked out ur website yet so please excuse me if I am straying. I’m a SIA d/s and security guard and I always carry cuffs but I have never done any course either. I have once in 15 years ever used them to restrain and that was only last year in a shop lifting incident. Anyway tonight at work a guy was searched and found to have on him dealer amounts of white powder police were called and it took them an hr and half to get to us. I was tasked to watch him as I was the searcher. An hour into waiting and they guy started to kick off about being cold and having to wait so long. He asked to be allowed out side to have a cig I said no u mite run off ,But I told him I have cuffs and he only way u avin a smoke is if u volunteer to be lightly cuffed to me so u can’t run and al take u for a cig out front .. It was quiet and no punters out ther so why not if he’s ok wi it I am to keep peace. He asked me to cuff him All recorded on camera and voice recorded too so I cuffed him left plenty room locked em and took him out.. It kept peace and calmed him.. My head door man came and told me off like a school boy and confiscated them till home time.. I’m 47 and done this job for 15years or so this head door guy was only in his early 20s not much exp. I was fuming inside but acted accordingly.. What’s ur take on this..urs kindly Scott.R. From Wakefield. W. Yorks..

  2. Hi Scott, thank you for your comment and I have read the post thoroughly. Overall there was nothing wrong with your use of cuffs in the way that you describe and in your explanation of the justification as to why you used them in those circumstances. The problem you may have however, is whether your employer has authorised you to carry and use handcuffs whilst at work, because if you are carrying them at work then they fall under the category of ‘work equipment’ and health and safety at work legislation and the associated regulations (including the PUWER regulations) apply. This means that you must receive training (this is a legal requirement on your employers behalf) and your employer must have policies and procedures in place with regards to the carriage, storage, maintenance, inspection and use of handcuffs in the workplace that you would need to comply with. This is even the case if you are subcontracted or self-employed on an agency basis. I can’t comment on the way your head doorman spoke to you but if you didn’t like the way it was done that is something that you need to take up with him or his immediate line manager. I hope that helps.

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