Trevel and Me Discussing NFPS and The Takeover, etc (Video)

In this video Trevel and I discuss the takeover of NFPS Ltd by him and Rab.

We also discuss the values of NFPS Ltd and its commitment to those we train.

A breakdown of the content of the video is as follows:

03:50 minutes – A woman who made contact with me asking for my help because she lost her job when she defended herself against a child with a weapon.

05:53 minutes – Approved Techniques and who’s approving what.

08:00 minutes – Rigid training programmes not covering the people they train including the story of someone who was violently attacked and the managers response in calling the police.

11:25 minutes – the story of a man who was being prosecuted for causing significant harm to a child, that we managed to stop.

13:40 minutes – Professionally challenging organisations and/or individuals.

15:10 minutes – Introducing PI into the SIA in 2008/2010

16:47 minutes – Incorporating what people already know and why breaking a technique down into its smallest component part creates more confusion.

18:42 minutes – The ‘Bill of Rights’ and too much regulation.

21:30 minutes – Taking the emotion out of it. Being dispassionate and biases.

23:05 minutes – “No Plan Survives Contact” – in Paul ‘Vic’ Vicary’s Book, Plan D.

25:09 minutes – Do you have a non-pain compliance technique to stop someone biting you (this was during the pandemic by the way).

28:21 minutes – Why do people come into this industry.

30:00 minutes – You have to transcend knowledge to reach understanding.

31:22 minutes – Training people from the inside-out as opposed to outside-in to change the way they believe in themselves.

31:48 minutes – What would I, as a restraint trainer, study NLP, Hypnosis, EFT, etc?

34:11 minutes – What’s the one thing I’d recommend.