Why Am I Doing This?

A question I have been asked a lot about this online offer is: “Why Am I Doing This? Why am I offering an online BTEC Level 3 Self-Defence Instructor Award Course?”

Well there are a couple of reasons.

One, is because I consistently get experienced trainers contact me and tell me that they have been teaching self-defence or self-protection for many years, so why do they need to come and do a trainer course with us? Which is a fair question because why should they if they are as experienced and competent as their cv and cpd record states?

Recognised Prior Learning

All Awarding Organisations that issue qualifications can do so on what is called an RPL (Recognised Prior Learning) basis. This means that we can take a person’s RPL and sector competence and, as long as they go through a structured process of learning and development in doing the online modules, issue them with a BTEC Level 3 Certificate in Self-Defence Instruction – https://nfps.info/self-defense-trainer-certification-online/

The problem is some Awarding Organisation Centre’s just don’t like doing that.

People Are Very Busy

Also, many experienced and competent trainers are also very busy either running their full time business or running their part-time business alongside their main job, so taking time out to travel across the country to spend two days away from not only their business but also their family isn’t something that they want to do, and I totally get that. 

I’ve spent thirty years of my life travelling to deliver and attend training courses and as one taxi driver pointed out to me when he asked me how many miles I do each year: “That’s twice around the world mate!”

Disinterested Prospects Don’t Buy!

The main reason however is this. 

Many years ago when I started teaching self-defence I would go to meetings with prospective clients and when asked about my experience I would tell them that I had a couple of black belts in varying martial arts and that I served in the armed forces (because that was all I could tell them at the time about me that was relative to teaching self-defence) and I would see prospective clients immediately become disinterested. In one meeting a manager actually physically moved their chair further away from me.

The fact is, many organisations don’t see martial artists in a positive way. They think they are ‘crazy’ and that they will teach their staff ‘dangerous’ things, and sadly there are some ‘crazies’ out there who will do just that. 

1st Impressions Really Do Count

When you are invited to a meeting with an organisation’s management the first impression they have of you is important, because when that perception is set all they do then is look for more information to support their opinion and if that occurs then you are going to lose the business. 

All organisations are risk averse. They want to keep their staff safe, but they don’t want any liability associated with any training that is being offered to them so if their opinion of you is that you will create more of a risk then the problem you are offering to solve, you just become another problem for them that they don’t want.   

That is why so many excellent self-defence instructors don’t get into corporate training.

Setting Your Perception!

But when I was able to tell them that I held a BTEC Level 3 Award in Self-Defence Instruction their perception of me changed. Now I was someone who was ‘qualified’ and so I must know (in their eyes) what I am talking about and if I hold a qualification then I’m probably not going to be teaching their staff ‘crazy’ stuff. 

That one paradigm shift opened the door for me to gain some very lucrative corporate contracts. 

These Are Some of The Organisational Sectors I’ve Taught In

I taught self-defence and personal safety to staff for large corporate drug pharmaceutical companies whose staff were always at risk when making their visits to GP practices and hospitals (because a lone worker with a briefcase full of drug samples makes an attractive target.

I taught self-defence to the staff of very large corporate national delivery companies whose staff drive around with vans full of parcels and packages to deliver (and just think how the online delivery service has boomed in recent years). 

I taught self-defence to the members of the clergy. Yes, vicars and ministers need to be able to look after themselves too because they can get called out at all hours of the day and night and (in virtually every case) travel alone sometimes in some very high risk areas. 

I’ve taught probation officers, social workers, local authority staff, doctors, nurses, care assistants, teachers, ambulance drivers, corporate sales staff, and the list goes on. 

Now I’m sixty years young now and I have decided to slow down (although every time I tell people that they never believe me, but it’s true) and I have never believed in competition. 

I don’t see another qualified instructor as a competitor. 

I believe in cooperation. 

All other animal species cooperate more than they compete. It’s one of the amazing facts of nature.

So I want to help you get a qualification that will hopefully open up more opportunities for you so that you can become more successful teaching self defence. 

We Go Live On Friday – But Only For a Limited Period of Time

The option to enrol on this Online BTEC Level 3 Self-Defence Instructor Award Course will start on Friday, but enrolment will only be open for a limited period of time, so if you are interested, enrol yourself on the course as soon as it goes live to save you missing out!As soon as we open the course for enrollment you’ll be the first to know.

To enrol click here – https://nfps.info/self-defense-trainer-certification-online/

Have a great day!