How I Made £350,000 From An £80 Investment

A True Story – How I Made £350,000 From An £80 Investment

Many years ago I was asked if I could provide training on a certain subject because the Health & Safety Executive had issued a number of improvement and enforcement notices on a Local Authority and if they didn’t meet the requirements in the notices they would be prosecuted.

The problem they were having was that they couldn’t find anyone in a training capacity who knew anything about what the HSE required doing in our industry sector and how to implement it into physical intervention training, so they came to me.

The problem was, I didn’t know anything about it either, but not wanting to turn away business (because at that time I was skint) I said I’d get back to them shortly.

So I started to research the subject and all I could find was a book on it. The problem was, the book cost £80, which was a lot for a book in the early 1990’s. But I knew that if the book could give me just enough to know what to do I could figure out how to do it. So I bought the £80 book and I even paid for priority shipping.

I then called the local authority person back and said I could do the training for them and that I could start within two weeks – that was so I’d have enough time to read the book and figure out how to implement what was required into a physical intervention strategy for the local authority.

So I read the £80 book and there was only a very small part of the book that was relative to what I had to learn, so in short I was paying £80 for something that I was only going to use possibly 5% – 10% of.

But it was (at the time) the best investment I made because that £80 book didn’t just get me one course. It got me a £50,000 (and more) a year contract that was extended year on year for seven years.

Oh, and one other thing. Because I did what no-one else at the time could do I was classed by the Local Authority as a ‘specialist provider’ which meant that the local authority didn’t have to go out to tender (as they would normally with a £50,000 + a year contract), because I was the only one who could do what they needed to be done.

So my return on investment on an £80 spend was over a £350,000 – and that was just from one local authority.

The Moral of The Story

The fact is you never know what one thing you may learn that could change the direction of your life, generate more income, make you happier and/or give you more freedom.

What I have come to realise is that it is never the ‘whole thing’ that will make a complete difference. It will be one small part of it or a few parts of it that will make the difference.

When I realised this is was like a light-bulb moment, an epiphany, if you like and if you think about it that makes absolute sense because if it was as simple as buying a course to become successful everyone would just do that and become successful.

This is why when I consider investing in a course or training I ask myself one simple question, which is: 

“What one thing might this course give me that will add value to what I do and give me a return on my investment?”

So I only look for one thing and if I think it can provide that I’m in. This way I avoid making a mistake in not investing based on whether or not the whole course will give me everything I want and missing out on a valuable piece of information.

So the question I suggest you ask yourself with regards to the offer I’m making here is exactly the same thing: 

“What one thing might this course give me that will add value to what I do and give me a return on my investment?”

If you can answer that then it’s a good investment.

Luck is When Preparation Meets Opportunity

There is a saying that luck is when preparation meets opportunity” and the moral of the story is that if you are willing to do what others can’t and are willing to continually learn when others won’t you are preparing yourself for when the opportunity presents itself.

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