Why Two Trainers Were Torn To Shreds in A Courtroom

Why Two Trainers Were Torn To Shreds in A Courtroom And How You Can Become More Confident As A Result.

Many years ago there was a restraint related death of a young person.

During the inquest into the death the restraint trainers had to appear in court to give evidence. 

They were (as usual) cross examined by the prosecution, and it was brutal.

They were asked questions about whether or not the restraint training they provided covered teaching on reasonable force.

When they replied “yes” they were then questioned further about what they understood about reasonable force. 

They were asked would you consider it reasonable for this to be done to X in Y circumstances?

They couldn’t give an answer.

They were cross-examined on their knowledge of positional asphyxia and how the duty of care would have applied in the case in question.

They struggled again to answer the lawyers’ questions.

After that case finished, those trainers never worked as trainers again. 

They were emotionally and mentally damaged by the experience. 

It had traumatised them.

I remember sitting watching this case and thinking “Shit. I hope that never happens to me”.

And that was the start of my journey on making sure that I knew as much as I could about every aspect of law, legislation, health and safety, positional asphyxia and the medical implications of restraint and self-defence. 

I spoke to and interviewed lawyers, including John Wadham, the late great Gary Slapper, Micheal Mansfield QC and Eric Baskind. 

I worked closely with highly competent health and safety professionals and undertook health and safety training in areas of risk assessment and root cause analysis and applied that (with their help) to aspects of restraint and self-defence. 

I worked with medical professionals, and had our training medically reviewed to understand the medical implications of certain holds, positions and strikes.

I became obsessed and read and watched everything related to any aspect of restraint and/or self-defence/use of force.

I even studied NLP, EFT and Hypnotherapy and because a Cognitive Hypnotherapist to help me become more efficient and effective at being able to deliver training in a way that someone can understand it better.

All of this has allowed me to go to meetings, some with high-profile people charing them and challenge not what I think to be wrong, but what I know to be wrong.

I’ve been able to support people who we have trained who have been challenged and even helped a few people challenge schools and local authorities when their child defeated themselves against a bully (who had been bullying them for some time) when the school was considering suspending the child who stood up for themselves. 

If I boil it all down to one thing, the learning and knowledge that I have acquired helped improve my confidence. 

The confidence to speak the truth and challenge incorrect assumptions and advice.

Now I want to help you achieve the same too.

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