You Can’t Change The Past But You Can Change The Future

You can’t change the past but you can change the future.

The problem for some people is that they live in a future based on bad things that have happened to them in the past that they can’t let go of.

It may have been something someone did to them or a wrong decision they made that caused them a lot of pain and suffering.

As a result they never live in the moment choosing only to live in the past and focus on the very same thing that they wish had never happened so that their current life now would be better.

But doing the same thing expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.

Their judgement also becomes distorted because by focussing on a negative past event they become heavily focussed and polarised in their thinking which stops them being creative so they fail to find a positive solution by being able to think in a more constructive and positive way.

As Albert Einstein once said

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”.

This negativity also affects those close to them and the dichotomy is that although they love them they harm them by exposing them to their negative energy.

Their pain and anger becomes an anchor that chains them to their past disabling their ability to move forward in life.

The result, they live in the past because they choose to, which is like driving a car while only looking in the rear view mirror.

The fact is we all make mistakes and bad decisions. It’s part of being human.

The difference between living a happy, functional and productive life however is what you decide to do moving forward.

Wasting more time on time you have already wasted is a pointless exercise.

As a good Irish friend of mine says:

“There’s nothing new to be learned from a second kick of a donkey”.

But when we look at the bigger picture and all that life has to offer us we can put things into perspective.

Each new day is a gift. Use is well. Time is the only non-renewable thing we have. Don’t waste it.