You Can’t Just Blame Staff When Things Go Wrong [Video]

This video follows on from the video I did yesterday with Eric Baskind.

In this video I look at two Health & Safety Models that I have used many times when writing Expert Witness reports, developing physical restraint training programmes, policy and procedure, auditing organisational physical intervention systems and incident investigations.

This video looks at the FOI response from CQC but revisits it from a Health & Safety perspective to identify the ‘latent failures’ (organisational failures) that may underpin a human error.

For example, sometimes when things go wrong in a restraint situation the member of staff can be identified as being the problem for not ‘doing the restraint technique properly’ when on further investigation we find that a latent failure was the actual cause.

To watch the video I did with Eric, click here – Eric Baskind and I Discussing The Legal Implications of a Care Quality Commission Freedom of Information Response [Video]