Shaping Futures through BTEC Level 3 Training

In the area of personal safety and conflict management, NFPS Limited has carved a legacy that extends across international borders.

With a history rooted in a profound commitment to excellence, this organisation has been a trailblazer in offering BTEC Level 3 training courses through the Pearson Awarding Body.

This blog post takes you on a journey through the remarkable history of NFPS Limited, unveils the significance of BTEC Level 3 qualifications, introduces international attendees from Australia, Malta, New Zealand, and Hong Kong.

We introduce the inspiring biographies of Trevel Henry and Robert Landells and highlights the upcoming BTEC Level 3 Self Defence Trainer course on 30th September.

Laying the Foundation – Mark Dawes

The journey of NFPS Limited began with the vision and drive of Mark and Deborah Dawes.

A true pioneer in the field of personal safety, conflict management and physical intervention Mark’s unwavering commitment to equipping individuals with the knowledge, understanding and skills to ensure their safety set the stage for something extraordinary.

His introduction of NFPS Limited marked the beginning of an organisation that would go on to shape the lives and careers of countless individuals worldwide.

A Legacy of Excellence

Founded in the early 1990s, NFPS Limited initially catered to the personal safety and conflict management needs of people across United Kingdom.

However, this was just the beginning of their incredible journey would take them to working and supporting people, companies, organisations and regulatory bodies across globe.

Understanding BTEC Level 3 Qualifications

At the heart of NFPS Limited’s global impact are the comprehensive BTEC Level 3 qualifications they offer.

BTEC, which stands for Business and Technology Education Council, is renowned for delivering vocational education and training programmes that hold international recognition.

BTEC Level 3 qualifications, in particular, represent the pinnacle of practical knowledge, skills, and understanding.

These qualifications are designed to prepare learners for further education, employment, or entrepreneurship across a wide spectrum of courses, from business and engineering to health and social care.

Their hands-on approach to learning ensures that students are well-equipped with real-world skills that are highly valued by employers and institutions worldwide.

Global Impact: Australia, Malta, New Zealand, and Hong Kong

NFPS Limited’s influence extends far beyond the shores of the United Kingdom.

Students and professionals from Australia, Malta, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and various other corners of the world have journeyed to Lilleshall, the epicentre of NFPS Limited’s training operations, to partake in their transformative courses.

The appeal of these international students lies in the global recognition of BTEC qualifications.

These qualifications open doors to enhanced career prospects on a global scale, making them a sought-after choice for individuals looking to gain a competitive edge in their respective fields.

Meet: Trevel Henry and Robert Landells

The success story of NFPS Limited wouldn’t be complete without introducing the dynamic duo who continue to breathe life into this venture:

Trevel Henry:

  • Trevel Henry is a seasoned expert in personal safety, conflict management, and self-defence.
  • With extensive experience in training individuals from diverse backgrounds, including law enforcement, security, and healthcare, he has emerged as a prominent figure in the field.
  • Trevel’s passionate commitment to empowering individuals with self-protection skills has been the driving force behind NFPS Limited’s success.

Robert Landells:

  • Robert (Rab) Landells brings a wealth of academic knowledge and front-line operational experience spanning over two-decades, which he now imparts to delegates on our training courses.
  • His dedication to providing high-quality vocational education has been instrumental in ensuring that NFPS Limited remains an exemplar model of an established Pearson-approved Centre.
  • Robert’s unwavering pursuit of excellence ensures that NFPS Limited’s courses meet the highest standards of educational quality and functionality.

BTEC Level 3 Training Courses

NFPS Limited offers a range of specialised BTEC Level 3 courses, each tailored to specific training needs.

Our two flagship prominent courses, supported by a range of other BTEC courses are:

  1. BTEC Level 3 Physical Restraint Trainer Award:
    • This course equips individuals with the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to safely and effectively apply physical restraint techniques when necessary; emphasising the need to ensure the safety of all parties involved.
  1. BTEC Level 3 Self Defence Trainer Award:
    • Focused on self-defence techniques and strategies, this course empowers individuals to improve the all-around situational awareness, whilst being able to protect themselves and others in challenging situations.

Upcoming Course on September 30th

The next course offered by NFPS Limited is scheduled for September 30th.

This presents a golden opportunity for individuals looking to enhance their knowledge, skills and understanding of personal safety awareness, conflict management and self-defence.

Don’t miss the chance to be part of this transformative learning experience!


NFPS Limited, guided by the visionary leadership of Robert Landells and Trevel Henry, has transcended borders to become a global hub for BTEC Level 3 Physical Restraint ‘Trainer’ training.

Mark Dawes’ initial vision laid the foundation for an organisation that has become synonymous with excellence in personal safety, conflict management and physical intervention.

As NFPS Limited continues to empower individuals with practical skills and knowledge, its influence on the global community remains profound and enduring.

Join the ranks of those who have transformed their lives through NFPS Limited’s unparalleled training programmes and be a part of their journey towards a safer and more secure world.

Contact us to learn more about our BTEC Self-Defence Trainer Award course on 30th September, at the National Sports and Conference Centre in Lilleshall, near Telford in Shropshire.

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