Ambulance Service Ordered to Pay £49,000 in Wrongful Dismissal Case After Staff Member Was Dismissed for Allegedly ‘Assaulting’ a 14 Year-Old Patient Who Had Attacked Him

A veteran paramedic ambulance worker who was assaulted by a 14 year-old was awarded £49,000 by an industrial tribunal after he was wrongfully dismissed for gross misconduct by his employer for allegedly assaulting a 14 year old who had attacked him. In August 2021 Mr Edwards, a senior paramedic with 18 years service was attending a call. It involved a … Read more

Can we use techniques not taught during training?

I recently posted an article on Linked about an article which appeared in the Guardian ‘North Wales Police Officer punching incident’. Well, the post attracted over 6,000 views with lots of very balanced and descriptive comments. Some challenging whilst others supported the video clip showing the officer punching someone whilst on the ground. Her (now His) Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabularies … Read more

People Centred BTEC Restraint Trainer Courses – September 2023

Our upcoming BTEC Restraint Trainer Award course is designed to include everyone from a range of different backgrounds who have a passion and drive to teach people how to remain safe, and support others. Within the course programme we ensure that you have the comprehension of new concepts whilst learning to become more aware of the different attitudes, beliefs and … Read more

Are the Use of Pain Compliance Holds Illegal?

I was recently contacted about the fact that a pain compliance technique was being taught during a training cause. The point from the caller was that they felt that the technique should not have been taught because they are not legal and the banned.  Particularly for staff not employed in law enforcement or security roles! Whilst the philosophy behind any … Read more