Understanding the Law and the Right to Act Appropriately

Understanding your rights and responsibility in self-defence, in a world where personal safety is a concern for many, is of paramount importance. The common misconception that one must wait for an attacker or assailant to strike the first blow is far from the reality of the law in the United Kingdom. UK law allows individuals to act appropriately, proportionately, and … Read more

The Importance of a Medical Risk Assessment in Physical Skills Training

Physical skills training encompasses a wide and varied range of activities, from fitness and sports to vocational and recreational pursuits and while these activities offer numerous benefits, they also carry inherent risks to the participants health, safety and wellbeing. This is why conducting a comprehensive medical risk assessment before an individual engages in physical skills training is of paramount importance. … Read more

Defining Reasonable Force – Balancing Control and Injury Prevention

The concept of reasonable force is a fundamental principle in legal frameworks worldwide, governing the permissible level of force individuals can use in various situations. However, the term “reasonable” is inherently subjective, making it difficult to create a universally applicable definition. This article looks into the complexities of defining reasonable force and highlights the need to get balance right between … Read more

The Changing Landscape of Police Response and How Selecting The Right Physical Intervention System is Paramount

In recent times, there has been a shift in how police services respond to calls for assistance from NHS Mental Health Units. Many of you will have heard of the ‘Right Care Right Person’ (RCRP) operational model developed by Humberside Police. In a letter sent to leaders of London health and social care providers on 24th May 2023, Commissioner Sir Mark … Read more

Pain Compliance on Children is Permissible & Why Adopt Standards For A Mental Health Unit, If You Are Not a Mental Health Unit?

The use of pain compliance on children is an emotive subject, it is contentious and one that many organisations fail when issuing legally robust policy and guidance. NFPS has covered this subject in previous publications and links to these will be given at the end of this post. Of course, applying pain to a child is the absolute last thing … Read more

Are the Use of Pain Compliance Holds Illegal?

I was recently contacted about the fact that a pain compliance technique was being taught during a training cause. The point from the caller was that they felt that the technique should not have been taught because they are not legal and the banned.  Particularly for staff not employed in law enforcement or security roles! Whilst the philosophy behind any … Read more

Eric Baskind – Are ‘Safe Systems’ of Restraint Really ‘Safe’?

Eric Baskind – Are ‘Safe Systems’ of Restraint Really ‘Safe’? At our Conference on 26 September, Eric Baskind will be talking about the proposed new laws and accreditation schemes for physical intervention. The Mental Health Units (Use of Force) Bill He will be looking at the pros and cons of the new proposed Mental Health Units (Use of Force) Bill … Read more

The Use of Pain-Compliance Techniques With Children-Should They Be Made Illegal? [Video]

Hi, guys. Mark Dawes here once again.

It’s a beautiful sunny day so I’m sat in my garden shooting this video so please forgive me the luxury. But I wanted to do this video because I want to get a point out. I want to get an opinion out and I want to clarify something. But first, I want to challenge you and here’s the challenge.

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Pain Compliance Techniques With Children Are Not Illegal

Pain Compliance Techniques With Children Are Not Illegal In a recent blog post I mentioned that I had recently met with a Government-appointed panel of ‘experts’ who told me, quite enthusiastically, that it is illegal for anyone to use a physical technique with a child that may intentionally or unintentionally cause pain. You can read that blog post here: https://nfps.info/causing-pain-to-a-child-is-illegal/ Illegal … Read more