Understanding the Law and the Right to Act Appropriately

Understanding your rights and responsibility in self-defence, in a world where personal safety is a concern for many, is of paramount importance. The common misconception that one must wait for an attacker or assailant to strike the first blow is far from the reality of the law in the United Kingdom. UK law allows individuals to act appropriately, proportionately, and … Read more

Defining Reasonable Force – Balancing Control and Injury Prevention

The concept of reasonable force is a fundamental principle in legal frameworks worldwide, governing the permissible level of force individuals can use in various situations. However, the term “reasonable” is inherently subjective, making it difficult to create a universally applicable definition. This article looks into the complexities of defining reasonable force and highlights the need to get balance right between … Read more

Citizens Powers of Arrest in Scotland

Hey everybody, Mark Dawes here. And in this short video I want to talk to you about the power of arrest in Scotland.

And I’m going to say right up front that virtually all the information in this video has been kindly given to me by Colin Dixon. He is hugely experienced in his field and Colin wrote to me because he saw the video I put out about the difference between arresting someone and detaining someone, which of course there is no difference.

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